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ACE and CASE: Reshaping Construction Efficiency

The dynamic duo of ACE and CASE are at the forefront of revolutionizing the construction sector, setting the stage for a new era of innovation and efficiency. Renowned for their exceptional construction machinery, CASE and ACE company have become synonymous with quality, reliability, and progress in the industry.

ACE’s commitment to excellence is evident in its diverse construction equipment and material handling solutions. From Backhoe Loaders to Cranes and Harvesters, ACE’s offerings are a testament to their dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the construction world. On the other hand, CASE’s impact is profound, with a strong portfolio of products, including excavators, Backhoe loaders, and Loaders, each designed to reshape construction processes.

Featuring: ACE AX-124 NS & CASE 450 DX


The ACE AX-124 NS backhoe loader embodies versatility and power, seamlessly handling digging, loading, and material handling tasks. Boasting a robust lifting capacity of 4950 kg ensures secure and efficient load management. Its 1 cum Loader Bucket capacity optimizes material handling operations, while a maximum operating weight of 7500 Kg guarantees smooth manoeuvrability. With a Backhoe bucket capacity of 1 cum and ex-showroom price ranging between Rs. 31 lakhs to Rs. 33 lakhs, the ACE AX-124 NS proves its prowess as a construction game-changer.

CASE 450 DX 

In the world of CASE, the 450 DX compactor case machine stands tall. With a purpose-driven approach, it excels in soil compaction tasks. The machine generates 45 HP of power, making light work of heavy-duty assignments. The 3225 Kg operating weight ensures stability and performance. This remarkable machine comes at an ex-showroom price ranging between Rs. 45 Lakh and 47 Lakh, marking a solid investment in construction efficiency.

As ACE and CASE continue to push boundaries, they illuminate the path to a future where construction is smarter, more precise, and environmentally responsible. Their unwavering dedication to innovation cements their role as industry leaders, driving progress one groundbreaking machine at a time. 

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