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Choosing the Right Guardian Safety Glasses for Hunting

How much would you estimate you spend annually on hunting gear? You have probably accumulated a sizable collection of weapons, hunting gear, ammo, boots, etc. throughout the years. Do you have any guardian prescription safety glasses in your collection if you were corrective lenses?

Your rx safety glasses are a crucial component of your gear arsenal for hunting. Safety glasses may not be as fashionable as the other shooting eyewear you might have noticed, but they are quite important for your eyes’ protection.

You are quite experienced with weaponry, therefore; you are aware that an explosion could occur at any time. A firearm’s recoil can reach inches from your face when it occurs. You will spend long periods outside, where there are risks such as falling objects, the wind, falling branches, falling leaves, etc. You can see how crucial safety glasses are given that anything could fall into your eyes.

Guardian safety glasses will not only keep your eyes safe, but they will also give you the best chance to increase your shooting accuracy. You will improve your visual accuracy by selecting a specific lens color. When there are so many options, how can you possibly pick the best safety glasses for your hunting needs? To safeguard your eyes while you are hunting, we want to offer you some advice on how to pick the best safety glasses.

When selecting a pair of safety glasses, you should take the following factors into account:

Extra Safety

Wrap-around safety glasses are the finest option if you want to ensure the best possible protection. Wearing wrap-around safety glasses will shield you from flying objects, the wind, and bothersome tree limbs.

Select adjustable safety glasses

The greatest guardian safety glasses will make you feel very comfortable. This is why you must pick a pair of adjustable safety glasses. You won’t be sidetracked while hunting if you can customize your safety glasses to the ideal fit. Your focus and precision are higher when you don’t get distracted.

Choose shatterproof safety glasses

  • Make sure the safety glasses are shatterproof when searching for them online or in a store. You may be confident that you will receive excellent protection if the glasses have been marked with a Z87.1 grade.
  • Your safety glasses may readily fog up, obstructing your vision, particularly given the temperature variations. You move around a lot while hunting, which can make the glasses fog up more. You may avoid the inconvenience of foggy lenses by selecting eyewear that has an anti-fog coating.
  • You need to have a sharp vision if you want to be a successful hunter. When hunting, if you are unable to see, you endanger not only your own life but also the lives of others. Additionally, you will see the creatures you are trying to catch clearly if you have the proper prescription eyewear.
  • You will be very pleased with the outcomes if you take the time to select the ideal pair of guardian safety frames. If you have prescription eyewear but have not been wearing the recommended eyewear while hunting, you need to change immediately.

Choose the best lens tint for shooting safety glasses

Some eyewear can improve visibility in ways that most hunters find useful. When selecting the ideal lens color for your particular shooting circumstances, take into account the following:

  • Yellow and orange lenses block blue light and haze, which improves depth perception and contrast.
  • The yellow lens’ brightness affects how well it allows users to see in low-contrast and nearly dark environments.
  • To bring out the orange concentrate against a tree background, use a light purple color.
  • Vermillion aids in making the target stand out when there is a multicolored tree background.
  • Wearers of grey lenses may see targets precisely as they are. Grey lenses do not improve the target, but they do assist in lowering glare from direct sunshine.
  • Polarized lenses improve outdoor vision by reducing glare brought on by light reflecting off of the water and flat surfaces.


One lens color simply does not work in every situation for many hunters. Luckily, many hunting guardian glasses models provide multiple lens choices, offering versatility and cost savings.

The secret to becoming a skilled hunter is having good vision. Wearing the right eye protection can not only keep your eyes safe but will also improve your ability to locate wildlife and take great shots. Before going hunting, taking some time to select the right eyewear can pay off in huge ways by protecting your vision and enhancing the joy of accomplishment that comes with a successful hunt.



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