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Clever Care Health Plan- CEO and other employees

Clever Care Health Plan- Myong Lee is the CEO and one of the originators behind Shrewd Consideration Wellbeing Plan. With 15 years’ involvement with medical services authority, Myong has a demonstrated history in sending off medical services associations. His authority center is in building supplier connections and contracting.

Myong Lee

Clever Care Health Plan- Preceding establishing Shrewd Consideration, Myong was instrumental in building Clover Wellbeing’s supplier organization and regulating claims tasks. He additionally filled in as COO of Satellite Healthplan and as CFO/COO at Inspira Wellbeing and VP of Payer Contracting at Agilon Wellbeing. Myong additionally served in other positions of authority at WellCare.

Myong acquired his Graduate degree in Business Organization from Arizona State College and his Four year education in liberal arts degree in Financial aspects and Money from Franklin and Marshall School.

Hiep Pham

Clever Care Health Plan- Hiep Pham is the pioneer and CFO and one of the originators behind Smart Consideration Wellbeing Plan. He has broad involvement with medical services finance traversing more than 14 years. With weighty spotlight on monetary oversight, administrative consistence and reviews, and hazard the executives.

Preceding establishing Shrewd Consideration, Hiep filled in as CFO of Blue Cross® Blue Shield® Arizona Benefit. Where he effectively accommodated and recovered $15 million of CMS installment blunders. Hiep likewise burned through nine years as a VP of Monetary Preparation and Investigation at Output Wellbeing Plan and five years as a Money Chief at Mitsubishi Engines North America.

Hiep acquired his Graduate degree in Business Organization from the College of Southern California and his Four year education in liberal arts degree in Bookkeeping from California State College at Fullerton.

Shrewd Consideration was established to assist individuals from the networks we with effectively understanding the intricacies of their medical care. We are devoted to giving socially delicate medical care arrangements that offer our individuals better admittance to the administrations they need in the language they comprehend. We follow through on our obligation to our individuals’ wellbeing and prosperity by offering plans that interface the advantages of Eastern and Western medication.

Richard Greene


Richard Greene brings broad information and experience as a monetary medical care chief. Richard has recently filled in as the Head Working Official/CFO at AppleCare Clinical Administration (an auxiliary of Optum). And gave monetary authority from 1996 to 2010 as CFO at Arcadian Administration Administrations. Syntiro Medical care Administrations, and PacifiCare Wellbeing Frameworks.

Khaliq Siddiq, MD

Boss Clinical Official

Dr. Siddiq is the Main Clinical Official at Astute Consideration Wellbeing Plan. Dr. Siddiq has more than a quarter century of moderate involvement in a solid groundwork in clinical program the executives, vital preparation, and group building. He is energetic about making projects and drives to convey great medical care in underserved and under-addressed networks. All through his vocation, Dr. Siddiq has joined forces with doctor gatherings, clinics, and wellbeing intends to further develop admittance to mind, clinical results and part insight.

Khaliq has broad involvement with driving medical care associations to further develop execution across all lines of business:

Expense for administration, Federal health insurance, Clinical, and Business Oversaw Care. Dr. Siddiq has held senior positions of authority including Territorial Boss Clinical Official for St. Joseph Legacy Medical care. California Clinical Chief at Agilon Wellbeing, and Territorial Clinical Chief at BlueShield of California.

Unmesh Srivastava

Clever Care Health Plan-Boss Computerized and Innovation Official

Unmesh Srivastava is the Boss Computerized and Innovation Official at Smart Consideration Wellbeing Plan. He has north of 14 years of involvement with medical services innovation and development. Computerized wellbeing and worth based care innovation and a demonstrated history in building innovation empowered business tasks in care conveyance,. Wellbeing plan activities, drug store, and labs space. His initiative is centered around empowering doctors, wellbeing frameworks, and patients with innovation to affect the fourfold objective.

Preceding joining Smart Consideration, Unmesh filled in as the Central Innovation Official at P3 Wellbeing Accomplices. He assumed an instrumental part in speeding up innovation development to construct a separated patient and supplier experience for P3. He has filled in as the Partner VP, Head of Advancement and Change at Optum Care California, and drove Development and Change for care conveyance associations inside UnitedHealth Gathering.

Unmesh acquired his Graduate degree in Science The board from Northridge College in California. And his Unhitched male of Designing in Gadgets and Correspondences Designing from Rajasthan College India.

Martina Lee Strickland

Boss Development Official

Martina Lee Strickland is the Central Development Official at Smart Consideration Wellbeing Plan. Martina has an abundance of involvement with vital deals,

business improvement,


channel improvement,

and strategically pitching procedures from her time at Joined Medical services, Hymn and Centene.

These earlier jobs furnished her with profound ability in clinical gathering. And Government medical care enrollment development, preparing, marking, and maintenance in multicultural business sectors.

Peter Winston

SENIOR VP and Head supervisor

Peter Winston is the Senior VP and Head supervisor of Local area and Supplier Advancement at Cunning Consideration Wellbeing Plan. Peter is a cultivated senior medical services leader with near 40 years of outcome in medical care. He was a notable driving medical care figure in California supplier networks. He was recorded in’s ‘Who in US Leaders’ and educated at various nearby local area classes.

Before joining Shrewd Consideration, Peter was the VP of Payer Contracting at Agilon Wellbeing. And Chief VP for Syner Med (a $700 million IPA MSO).

Peter procured his Lords of Wellbeing Organization degree from Duke College and Four year certification in Science from SUNY, NY.

Erin Ramsey

SENIOR VP OF Activities

Erin Ramsey is the Senior VP of Activities. She has north of 10 years of overseen care insight with an emphasis on consistence.

Before joining Sharp Consideration, Erin was the VP of Overseen Care at Coast Medical care The board and the Central Consistence Official for Brilliant State Government medical care Wellbeing Plan.

Erin procured her Four year certification in scientific studies certification in Medical care Organization from California State College Long Ocean side.

Nishant Shukla

VP OF Showcasing

Nishant Shukla is the VP of Showcasing at Astute Consideration Wellbeing Plan. Nishant has north of 20 years of counseling and advertising experience. Preceding joining Cunning Consideration, Nishant worked in different promoting jobs at Nature’s Way, General Factories, and Kraft.

Nishant acquired his Graduate degree in Business Organization from the College of Michigan where he zeroed in on promoting and medical care. He acquired his Four year education in liberal arts degree from Cornell College, where he twofold studied Financial aspects and Asian Examinations.

Sabrina Coleman

VP, Review AND Consistence Official

Sabrina Coleman is the VP, Review and Consistence Official at Shrewd Consideration Wellbeing Plan. Sabrina Coleman brings 15 years of involvement as a lawyer and medical care consistence proficient. She most as of late filled in as the Corporate Consistence and Security Official of PacificSource Wellbeing Plans where she was liable for overseeing and dealing with the undertaking’s consistence program, guaranteeing that it kept up with full consistence with every legislative organization, including all Government and State administrative organizations. Preceding that, she served Ranking executive of Assignment Oversight for L.A. Care Wellbeing Plan, as well as Ranking executive of Consistence and Review administrations in a prior job with that equivalent organization. Coleman’s profession likewise included different consistence jobs with the New York based associations Public Counseling Gathering, Montefiore Clinical Center and Carrying on with Life Home Consideration and she has shown consistence and protection classes at USC Regulation.

Kim Cowles


Kim Cowles is the VP of HR at Sharp Consideration Wellbeing Plan. She is a groundbreaking chief pioneer with more than 20 years of HR experience inside new companies and laid out associations. As a HR Chief, she has effectively driven HR methodology, ability procurement, initiative turn of events, variety and incorporation, hierarchical plan and social turn of events, learning and improvement, remuneration and advantages, HR tasks and innovation, worker relations, and consistence.

One of her most prominent achievements was fortifying worker commitment and culture at Cen Cal Wellbeing and Arranged Life as a parent. Her HR procedure impacted the acknowledgment of Cen Cal Wellbeing as the #1 Best Work environment for a long time and Arranged Life as a parent as a Business of Decision. Kim is ensured as a Senior Expert in HR and as an Initiative Practices Stock Mentor. Her authority and HR skill will be a resource for our association.

Deana Lawson

VP OF People group and Supplier Advancement (NEW YORK)

Deana Lawson is the VP of Local area and Supplier Advancement at Smart Consideration of New York. Deana has more than 20 years of involvement with network improvement and tasks. Preceding joining Shrewd Consideration of New York, Deana was the VP of Organization Tasks at Fondness Wellbeing Plan in New York. Moreover, Deana stood firm on the footing of VP of Contracting for Autonomy Care Framework New York where she assumed a necessary part in sending off the Completely Coordinated Duals Benefit Program. Deana has held Organization Improvement and Agreement The executives jobs for Cigna, Widespread American and Centene Enterprise. Deana procured her Leader MBA degree from Kean College New Jersey and a Four year certification in liberal arts Degree from Grassland View A&M College, Texas.



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