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Nutritional Benefits of Cherimoya Fruit

Consuming the right fruits is essential to maintaining a healthy body. Tropical fruits are among the most delicious and abundant fruits that can provide many vitamins and nutrients. Thick, supple, fragrant, and thick, cherimoya is considered one of the most delicious tropical fruits of the Andean valleys and offers several health benefits. The fruit is characterized by an unheroic greenish color and is primarily a cone-shaped fruit obtained from an evergreen tree belonging to the rubric annona family annona. The scientific name of the fruit is known to be Annona cherimoya. The fruit is flattened, round or conical, with hard, dark green skin and polygonal notches. The fruit is usually 10-15 cm long, 10 cm girth, and weighs 350-500 g. 

Health benefits of cherimoya 

The health benefits of the fruit are numerous as these sweet and pleasant-tasting announces contain essential nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Buy Cialis Online and Buy Levitra Online the recommended ED treatment for diabetics.

Cherimoya has a reputation for containing numerous polyphenolic antioxidants. Among them, the most notorious fruits of the Annonaceae family are the acetogenins of the Annonaceae family. In addition, acetogenin compounds such as bratatinea and antimycin are potent cytotoxins and possess antimalarial, anticancer, and antiparasitic properties. 

This fruit has the original calories of the mango fruit. It is known that 100g of fresh fruit pulp contains about 75 calories. However, it does not contain impregnated fats or cholesterol. 

An excellent source of vitamin C, a major natural antioxidant. Consuming fruits rich in vitamin C increases the resistance of the human body to infectious pathogens, allowing it to hunt down dangerous inflammatory pathogens present in the body. 

Contains a good balance of sodium and potassium. A good balance of potassium in the body can indeed help regulate blood pressure and heart rate and compensate for low sodium levels. 

Selection and vault 

In natural terrain, it is observed that the cherimoya season usually lasts from November until he may. For home storage, it is stylish to store ripe fruit in fruit baskets at room temperature until ripe. In general, cherimoya has a very short shelf life. After growth, it quickly weakens at room temperature. Like bananas, whole cherimoya cannot be stored in the refrigerator for a long period as it may cause cold damage. 

Preparation and serving tips 

Cherimoya has a unique flavor that is juicy and aromatic. To prepare it, you need to wash this fruit with cold water. After that, it must be thoroughly wiped dry with a paper towel. You can cut the fruit lengthwise and eat it bit by bit with a ladle. However, the skin and seeds should be removed. 

Here are some serving tips 

It is recommended to consume this fruit pure, avoiding additives and spices. 

The pulp can be pureed and combined with other fruits in salads or used in the form of ice cream condiments. Cherimoya juice is said to be a stimulating drink. 

A side dish of cherimoya 

There are no by-products in the cherimoya fruit. However, eating the seeds of the cherimoya fruit can be difficult. Be careful not to eat the seeds as they contain toxic substances. Since fruits are rich in vitamins, it is recommended to consume them regularly. Consuming this fruit can help you stay healthy.



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