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Sarah Stared at The Torn Remnants of Her Favorite Dress Laying on The Floor of Her Locker.

She had left it hanging neatly on the hook just that morning, but now it was ruined – slashed to pieces. She knew exactly who was responsible too – Tiffany and her little posse of mean girls.

Ever since middle school, Tiffany had bullied Sarah relentlessly.

She was always making fun of Sarah’s old-fashioned clothes and frizzy hair. No matter how hard Sarah tried to avoid her, Tiffany always found a way to humiliate her in front of everyone. Just last week, Tiffany had tripped Sarah in the cafeteria, causing her to spill her lunch tray all over herself. The whole school erupted in laughter as Sarah fled the scene in tears.

But this time, Tiffany had gone too far.

That dress was special – the last gift Sarah’s grandmother had given her before passing away last year. And now it was destroyed, just a pile of ragged fabric laying pitifully on the floor.

Sarah’s shock quickly turned to anger. She was done being Tiffany’s victim. It was time for revenge.

Sarah devised a plan. She knew Tiffany’s weakness – her obsession with revenge clothing her looks and her expensive designer clothes. She practically worshipped her collection of trendy bags and shoes. Sarah decided she would hit Tiffany where it hurt – right in her precious wardrobe.

The next day, Sarah arrived at school early.

She sneaked into the girls’ locker room and easily picked the flimsy lock on Tiffany’s locker. Griffing through Tiffany’s clothes, she found exactly what she was looking for – Tiffany’s newest pair of jeans. They still had the tags on them. Grabbing a pair of scissors from her backpack, Sarah sliced the jeans to bits. She cut big jagged holes down the legs and across the back pockets. Then for good measure, she snipped off all the belt loops. Tiffany wouldn’t be wearing these jeans now.

Sarah heard voices approaching.

She quickly stuffed the ruined jeans back into Tiffany’s locker and relocked it. She ducked out just as a group of cheerleaders entered the locker room, giggling and chatting. Sarah hid around the corner, waiting.

A few minutes later, a blood-curdling scream pierced the air.

“Noooooo! My jeans!” wailed Tiffany.

Sarah couldn’t suppress a grin as Tiffany burst out of the locker room in hysterics, waving the shredded jeans around.

“Who did this?” Tiffany cried. “I just bought these!”

The cheerleaders tried in vain to console their distraught captain. Sarah walked by with her head held high.

“Having some trouble there, Tiffany?” she asked sweetly. “Gee, that’s really too bad.”

Tiffany stared daggers at her through her tears. Suddenly, understanding dawned in her eyes. But with no proof, she could do nothing but fume.

Sarah smiled triumphantly as she sauntered away. The taste of revenge was sweet. Tiffany would think twice before ever messing with her again.



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