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The Bathing Ape, More Commonly Known as Bape

Japanese streetwear brand founded in 1993 by Nigo. Known for its bold camouflage prints and iconic shark logo, Bape has become one of the most influential streetwear brands in the world. One of Bape’s most iconic pieces is the full zip hoodie, available in a wide range of colors and prints. The pink full zip Bape hoodie is especially sought after for its vibrant colorway that pops against the black Bape head logo and black zipper and drawstrings.

The pink full zip Bape hoodie features the brand’s

signature shark face graphic in white on the front pouch pocket and the word “Bape” repetitively printed throughout the fabric in white. The hoodie has a relaxed fit with dropped shoulders, ribbed cuffs and waistband, and the signature Bape ape head logo tag on the side seam. It’s made from 100% cotton for a comfortable, lived-in feel.

Bape hoodies have become collectible streetwear pieces due to their quality construction, bold graphics, and limited production runs. Each Bape hoodie features intricate details like custom metal hardware for the zipper and grommets, making each hoodie feel substantial and unique. The pink colorway is especially rare and coveted among Bape collectors.

The popularity of Bape hoodies took off in the 2000s when hip hop stars like Pharrell began wearing the brand. Pharrell was frequently photographed wearing rare Bape hoodies in a range of camo and colorblock designs. Other prominent celebrities seen in Bape hoodies include Kanye West, Chris Brown, and Wiz Khalifa. The brand’s cultural cachet was cemented when Kanye wore a full red Bape outfit for the cover of his 2007 album Graduation.

For streetwear enthusiasts, owning a pink Bape hoodie is the ultimate status symbol.

Because Bape production runs are so limited, the hoodies often resell for many times their original retail value. On sites like Grailed and eBay, used pink bape hoodie can easily fetch over $1000 due to their scarcity. Compared to other coveted hoodies like the Supreme Box Logo hoodie, Bape hoodies are even harder to come by especially for popular colorways like pink.

The pink Bape hoodie exudes swagger and confidence when worn.

The vibrant pink color demands attention while the oversized shark graphic adds an aggressive edge. Bape is known for pioneering the shark motif in streetwear, taking inspiration from old WWII pilot uniforms. But the brand gives the shark design a modern street style twist. Paired with baggy jeans or shorts and sneakers, the pink Bape hoodie becomes the statement piece of any hypebeast’s outfit.

For many Japanese youth subcultures like Harajuku fashion, Bape hoodies symbolize their rebellious spirit and freedom of self-expression. Bape founder Nigo took inspiration from these vibrant Japanese street cultures when designing his own brand. The pink full zip Bape hoodie encapsulates this youthful energy perfectly with its bold coloring.

Owning this cult streetwear icon represents being part of an exclusive club.

The pink Bape hoodie’s expensive resale value and limited quantities create an air of exclusivity. When you spot someone wearing a pink Bape hoodie in public, it signals that they are “in the know” about underground street fashion. The vibrant pink color also represents confidence – the wearer letting their bold personality shine through their outfit choice. For these reasons, the pink Bape full zip hoodie remains the holy grail for streetwear collectors worldwide.



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