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The trapstar tracksuit is a staple outfit in hip hop and streetwear fashion.

I picked up my new trapstar tracksuit from the store downtown. As soon as I saw it on display, I knew I had to have it. The blue tracksuit jacket had a massive white printed design on the back – the word “TRAPSTAR” in a bold, all-caps font outlined in red. The letters were filled in with smaller texts like “money over everything” and “get rich or die tryin’.” On the left chest was a smaller but equally eye-catching graphic of a hand holding cash.

The craftsmanship of the jacket was apparent when I tried it on.

It was made of smooth polyester and nylon, which gave it a sleek, athletic look. The fabric felt durable yet comfortable, with just enough weight to keep me warm. The cut was loose and roomy, meant to be worn oversized for that baggy streetstyle silhouette.

I paired the jacket with the matching tracksuit pants. The bottoms were cut loose through the hips and thighs, tapering slightly at the ankles without being too fitted. Down the sides of both legs ran that same red “TRAPSTAR” print as the back graphic on the jacket. The pants had elastic cuffs at the hem to grip my ankles snugly when I wore them.

The bold colors and prints of my new trapstar tracksuit demanded attention.

I felt like a million bucks walking down the street in my fresh outfit. The oversized jacket and pants were perfect for layering over hoodies and t-shirts too. I couldn’t wait to style it different ways and let the vibrant colors pop against my other streetwear essentials.

When I got home, I decided to fully break in my new trapstar tracksuit with a photoshoot. I paired it with a plain white t-shirt, my chunky sneakers, and some gold chains. In some shots, I kept the jacket open and let it drape loosely off my shoulders, showing off the interior satin lining printed with the “Trapstar” logo pattern. For other pics, I zipped it all the way up and popped the collar for a more street-ready look.

The tracksuit looked just as dope with the jacket sleeves pushed up and the pants cuffed, exposing my sneakers.

After taking all the photos, I realized how versatile the tracksuit was. I could dress it up or down with different footwear and layers underneath. It transitioned seamlessly from a casual weekend fit to a high fashion statement piece.

Walking around the city, I noticed people staring at my statement tracksuit. I could tell they admired the loud colors and bold branding – it was exactly the attention-grabbing style I wanted. I felt like a rapper or athlete wearing their own merchandise line. The trapstar tracksuit gave me confidence and let me stand out from the crowd.

For my next outfit, I plan on wearing the tracksuit pants with a crisp vintage tee and leather jacket.

I can’t wait to see how many different vibes I can create, just by mixing and matching the trapstar set with other items from my wardrobe. It may have cost me a pretty penny, but the outfit possibilities are endless. This tracksuit was well worth the investment for making a flashy fashion statement!



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