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Trapstar is a UK-based Streetwear Clothing Brand

The oversized, casual silhouettes of Trapstar garments are part of what makes them so appealing to female fans. The baggy, slouchy fits allow for a relaxed, carefree vibe. Trapstar hoodies and joggers are perfect for a sporty, off-duty look. Many women also love layering up Trapstar tracksuits and teaming the jackets and bottoms with crop tops and sneakers.

Trapstar’s hoodies and sweatshirts come in a range of colors from classic black, grey and white to bolder hues like red, green and blue.

They feature thesignature Trapstar logo prominently on the front or back. Some designs also incorporate camo prints or Japanese text for an edgy twist. The soft fleece lining makes these hoodies perfect for keeping cozy in cooler weather.

The brand’s t-shirts offer a more understated way to rep trapstar womens. Many feature small logos or slogans on the chest rather than large prints. Trapstar tees come in varied colorways and designs, from basic white to tie-dye to checkerboard prints. Women often rock these t-shirts casually with jeans or sweats.

One of the most popular drops among Trapstar’s female fanbase is the Carhartt collaboration collection.

The workwear-inspired hoodies, cargo pants and beanies blend both brands’ iconic styles effortlessly. These coveted pieces tend to sell out quickly and end up on reseller sites.

Trapstar tracksuits have become a wardrobe staple for many women.

The nylon or velour jogger and hoodie/jacket sets come in nearly every color imaginable. Women love wearing the tracksuits for a sporty everyday look. But many have also embraced dressing up tracksuits for nights out by pairing them with heels and accessories.

Footwear completes any Trapstar outfit. The brand’s strat shoes and sneakers allow women to rep the label from head to toe. The kicks come in pared back white and black colorways along with some bolder fluoro neon options. Trapstar slides and socks are also popular for a monochromatic athletic look.

One of the key reasons Trapstar resonates so strongly with female fans is the music connections.

The brand is heavily associated with UK rap and grime artists. Music has always been central to the label’s identity and marketing. So women who want to rep their favorite UK rappers can show support by wearing Trapstar.

While Trapstar originated among men, women have wholly embraced the brand’s relaxed styling and streetwear aesthetic.

Female fans have made the label their own by sporting Trapstar their own unique ways. The brand’s clothes allow women to feel comfortable while still looking cool and stylish. Trapstar’s strong female following proves the brand’s universal appeal.



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